Laura Stamm's Power Skating - 4th Edition

I bought Laura Stamm’s Power Skating a year ago. I’ve been skating for 2 years then —mostly on my own. I wanted to work on my fundamentals and learn new things. I didn’t read the whole book, but I spend more than 10 hours reading and re-reading parts of the book.

The book is well written, but it needs better photos and schemas. It’s hard to understand what’s discussed without good pictures to support it.

Overall I didn’t learn much from the book. Not than the book is bad, but learning something like skating from a book is difficult. A few hours with a competent instructor will help your skating much more than reading this book.

While learning I didn't know what I was doing wrong. Sometime it’s balance, body position, foot position, weight distribution, etc ... The book doesn't help you with that. It just tells you how to improve an aspect of your skating. But it doesn’t tell you what you should be working on.

This book might be better if you want to teach skating, not learn it.