AliExpress is better than I though

Ten days ago I blogged about being scammed by a seller on AliExpress.

AliExpress rejected my first attempt at getting reimbursed. However a few days ago they finally reimbursed me for the missing item. I was wrong in my initial perception of AliExpress; they are better than I had thought.

After reaching out to the seller, they responded that they sent the items in two separate packages. I asked about the tracking number for the second itme and they didn’t reply. After that I resubmitted a request a reimbursement request to AliExpress. It looks like they monitore messages between vendors and customers, or saw that only one package has been sent by the seller. A week after receiving the first package, AliExpress determined that I was in the right and ruled in my favor.

AliExpress appears to take scams seriously and are willing to take a stand against the vendors on their platform.

I got my $38 back, and after that experience They got my trust back. I will be ordering more from them. Yet I will record videos of me unpacking what I receive from now on.

Thank you AliExpress, you proved me wrong.