The Cannondale Quick 4 is crap

My old bike, a Kuwahara Fastlane, was stolen 1 week ago. It was a cheap bike, but it served me well during 1 year.

Immediately after I started looking for a new one. I visited my local bike store the next day and the sale person suggested the Cannondale Quick 4. It looked more a less equivalent to the other bikes in this price range, but it had a carbon fork and supposedly better components. Far from being an expert, I was impressed by the carbon fork and bought the Quick 4.

The first few days were disappointing. The bike was not as light and fast as I hoped. The shape of the frame was not exactly good looking; the down tube was big, and made it look a bit goofy. The big down tube made it harder to lock the bike to something. And the gearing behaved weirdly a couple of time.

Last Tuesday, while I was riding home after work, a pedal suddenly broke while I was pedalling. I instantly lost my balance and fell heavily in the middle of the road. There was no car around and I did not fell too badly. I was lucky, it could have been worst. In the middle of the traffic I would have been hurt badly.

I got to the bike shop the day after to exchange it. This bike is clearly not worth its price. Some components are plain bad. This is not a $100 bike; for this range of price the components should be able to resist more than one week. A fancy carbon fork is not worth risking your life. The Cannondale Quick 4 is crap. Dont buy it.