A gentle introduction to media encoding

An easy way of looking smart is to repeat what smart people say. Internet made it even easier, post a link to an interesting page written by a guy like Mark Pilgrim and somehow it looks like you have contributed something.


Mark Pilgrim just posted a series of article entitled “A gentle introduction to video encoding”. I think video could be replaced by media, since this series also covers audio, captioning, and all sorts of details.

[A gentle introduction to video encoding][0]

This trick is especially handy when you haven’t posted anything for almost 2 months. Looking productive without actually producing anything: I am a real blogger now!

Note: Mark Pilgrim's website is no longer available, I updated the link to point to the archive.org

[0]: http://web.archive.org/web/20100615062249/http://diveintomark.org/tag/give)