Hockey links

Hockey skate, helmet, and sticks

I started learning ice-hockey last week.

During the past few weeks, I have been looking for information about ice-hockey on the Internet; especially regarding Hockey gears. A full gear costs a minimum of $500, and a decent one able to last more than one season is around $1000. With these prices, you really got to know what to buy.

Surprisingly there is very little information on the web. I tried to find an active online Hockey community without success. But I managed to find a few good links.

Scott Nobles wrote an excellent ice-hockey buying guide:

For those interested in improving their skating and hockey skills, this video series on YouTube could help, they are part of the DVD Team Canada Skills of Gold.

The first videos are about skating:

The full DVD also contains videos about:

Even if a DVD will never replace an instructor and practice, this one is a very valuable source of information. Expect more posts about ice-hockey soon!