Leaving Image-Engine

Last week I’ve left Image-Engine, the visual effect company where I’ve worked for almost 2 years. It was a great experience, I worked with the teams behind the aliens of District 9, the explosions and crashes of The Losers, and the werewolves of the upcoming Twilight Eclipse.

As much as I liked it, I wanted to be my own boss for a long time. After 3 years in Canada, I now have enough savings to start building something on my own. It’s exciting and scary, even if I have a strong technical knowledge, I have zero business and marketing experience. That’s a great occasion to learn.

My plans are still fuzzy. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a viable idea for a bootstrapped company this summer and start working on it. Success would be good, but failure wouldn’t be dramatic: all I’d lose would be 3 years of savings, for 2 years of hand-on experience in the world of business. Given how much an MBA or an engineering school cost, I think I can hardly find a better deal.