Everybody speaks, nobody listens

“I’m worried Margaret, Leo Laporte hasn’t tweeted in weeks!”
“George, who gives a fuck anyway? Social networks are for peasants.”

Leo Laporte —a technology journalist and an Internet celebrity— wrote about a [problem] 1 he had with Buzz, a micro-blogging service from Google. For a couple of weeks his posts on Buzz, Twitter, and Facebook weren’t visible to the public, and nobody noticed.

Leo is an important personality on Internet. Many people care about what he’s saying, but nobody noticed that he didn’t post anything on social networks for 2 weeks. This made him realize he should spent more time updating his Blog instead of creating content that nobody reads on social networks.

I’ve always felt there was something wrong with social networks. I don’t have a Facebook account, I feel that it would be a waste of time. Nothing gets done on Facebook, it looks like a way to maximize gossip. But after reading the post by Leo, I think I was wrong. Social networks don’t even make gossip more efficient; nobody listens, nobody cares. It’s like playing a single player game: You might enjoy it, but don’t expect to get laid because you use it.