I planned to write a funny essay about how I’m a nerd who can’t dress, that I finally realized the obvious, and would take better care of my look from now on. It turns out that writing funny essays takes a long time, and it wouldn’t be that funny anyway.

In May I decided to get into that “style” thing. I grew a light beard back in March, and it altered the way people perceive me more than I expected. No need to show ID at the liquor store anymore, at 32 it was about time…

Others look at you a lot, way more than they listen to you. Look is a quick and relatively reliable way to weight someone. A guy wearing a nicely cut suite is not a homeless guy to anyone, someone wearing skinny torn jeans and a dirty T-shirt ‘Punk not dead’ is probably not a banker.

I want to get better at looking good, and I want to talk about it. I’ll post more later.