Frank and Oak is an online menswear maker. They release a new collection every month, and sell it exclusively on their website. They target guys with slimmer bodies. I ordered a shirt and a blazer, it was quickly shipped and delivered.

The shirt was a good surprise: it fits well out-of-box. I’m a skinny guy, the shirts that fit me best are the ultra-slim 1MX from Express. Frank and Oak’s shirt isn’t as snug, but it’s still one the best fitting shirt I had. For $45 you’ll get a decent shirt, and with the money you saved: get it tailored just right.

The blazer is okay. It’s a little bit narrow around the shoulders, but overall it’s pretty good considering it was only $50. It took me a while to realize the side-pockets were sewed, they looked like those fake pockets you get on low-end blazers.

I’ll probably order more from them.