I used Todoist a few years to manage my TODO list. Then I gave up on electrical TODO lists and Todoist, it just didn’t seem to work very well because I needed to be near a computer at all time. I switched to paper, but it didn’t work either, at least for my personal use. I forgot the notebook constantly, and sometime didn’t check it for weeks. Now when I get home after work I write my tasks for the evening on a small piece of paper: this works rather well, but it’s only good for short-term tasks.

Since I got a Nexus 4, I can run modern apps without too much frustration. I’m trying a few TODO list apps to see if any of them is any good. I tried Todoist again: the web app, and the Android app. I didn’t like it: I remember Todoist being more keyboard driven, all the shortcuts I learned back then seem to be gone or not working. A lot of features are reserved for paid users, I didn’t like it enough to pay those $30. Moving on.

I looked for a better alternative and found Wunderlist. It looked nice and simple. After a week of usage, I’m not really convinced. It doesn’t do nested tasks, or more precisely you can only have 2 levels of nesting, and adding subtasks isn’t super intuitive. I use nested tasks quite heavily, that may be a deal breaker. On the other hand the interface seems to be more or less the same everywhere, which is a nice plus. I’ll keep using it for a little while, and probably get rid of it, but I want to give it an honest try.

I liked Emacs Org-mode back in the days when I used Emacs. It could be an interesting option.