The Oak Island Money Pit is the story of a 2 centuries long treasure hunt on a small Island near Nova Scotia, Canada. What makes this treasure hunt special is how must resource was sunk into it. For 200 years adventurers lost their time, money, and sometime life trying to find the elusive gold & jewels.

Long story short: In 1795 after seeing lights in the island three teenagers found a mysterious depression on the ground of the Island, and started treasure hunting by digging in the ground. Clues, and signs of treasures were found, fortunes were wasted on fruitless digging, and 6 people died. To this day nothing of value was found. Speculations & theories about the origin of the supposed treasure in the money pit abound.

Something that wasn’t addressed in the article: How the hell did all that stuff got so deep into the ground? If digging deep enough was still a problem in the 1960’s how did 17th century men managed to dig a hole 100 feet deep, along with booty traps, and flooding tunnels? Given the numerous difficulties the treasure hunters went through for the past 200 years, it would have been a great engineering feat. All of that without being detected by the locals, and keeping it secret for 200 years.

Most adventurers probably though about it, and they gave their imaginary enemy —the treasure digger— too much credit, and didn’t give their predecessors enough credit.

The Oak Island Money Pit is a great story because it’s a great tragedy. The only treasure on the island is the memories of this great human adventure.