I used Swiftkey as my Android keyboard: I found it worked better than the default Android keyboard. I switch between English & French often, Swiftkey just works without selecting a language while the default Android keyboard needs to be switched between the 2 languages to work properly.

I was hanging-out on, and saw that Swiftkey Cloud had full-access to my Email: read & write access! I didn’t remember giving them any of these permissions, I did at some point, but I don’t know when.

Reading one’s emails is a great way to improve her predictive typing, but it wasn’t clear to me that they’d read my Emails. I’m almost certain there was no big-fat pop-up saying so.

That kind of thing really annoys me: Emails are sacred, you don’t mess-up with it unless you’re a company with no moral or ethic like Linkedin or Facebook… I made fun of people that gave their Email and password to 3rd parties, but I kind of did the same…

I revoked the access, deleted my Swiftkey Cloud account, removed the Switfkey app from my phone, and switched back to Google keyboard, it came a long way since I replaced it with Swiftkey a year ago.