Random things I learned about Kakoune today

I finally got around to read Vi(m) to Kakoune, this link was buried in my bookmark list for a while, and as a former Vim user that switched to Kakoune I should have read it earlier. There are a couple of things I learned from it.

Delete to line end:

alt-ld or Gld

This made me realize alt-h and alt-l can be used to extend the selection buffer both ways. Nice.

Edit alternate file / Previously edited file:

ga (in Normal mode)

I’m going to use this one all the time from now on. ga is the gangster command I needed when editing multiple buffers.

After 3 months of using Kakoune, I already feel more ‘connected’ to it than I was with Vim. Kakoune’s commands make more sense, and I love that my configuration file is only 29 lines.

I’m not quite at the level of productivity and speed I had with Vim. It’s hard to outdo 14 years of use and fine-tuned configuration and megabytes of plugins.

Stay tuned for more random bits about Kakoune.