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I’ve switched from Delicious to Pinboard a few weeks ago. Pinboard is a simple Delicious clone. It requires a small payment when signing up, a clever way to keep spammers out and finance the site. I switched mainly because Pinboard features notes and has a bookmarklet ‘Read later’.

After 3 weeks of using it. I'm going back to Delicious.

Pinboard notes aren’t was I expected. I wanted to use them as a lightweight todo list, but to see the content of a note you have to click on it.

When migrating my Delicious bookmarks to Pinboard. The privacy flag of all the bookmarks was set to private. The information is present in the export file generated by Delicious. Another minor annoyance.

On Pinboard there’s no completion, & suggestion for tags. I didn’t realize how useful completion was; I though it was just a Web 2.0 gadget. But it helps me avoid tag duplication. I don’t have to worry if my tag for books is ‘book’ or ’books’, I see it after typing the first letters.

So far the only advantage that Pinboard has over Delicious is the ‘Read later’ Bookmarklet. I tried to make the same bookmarklet for Delicious. I wasn’t entirely successful, but I managed to do something that is close enough to what I wanted.

You can use the following form to generate a similar bookmarklet. Javascript is needed.

Read later bookmarklet for Delicious

For those viewing this post from a Feed Reader, you can access the form here.