Weblog 1.0 released

Weblog 1.0 is out! After more than 1 year of development Weblog, a minimalist "blog publisher", is feature complete. All the stuffs I wanted to have are here.

Weblog is designed for people tired of all these crappy Database driven blogs (Wordpress and all his clones). It just reads a set of files and output static HTML files. Just upload these files on a server serving HTML files —pretty much everywhere— and you're done.

I used Weblog for 1 year, posted 32 articles with it. This project is used for real and has some documentation.

There are few changes in this version:

Download Weblog 1.0 or Weblog 1.0 + Jinja 2 (standalone version).

More informations and docs on Weblog's page. If you have any problems using it, don't hesitate to ask me: henry@precheur.

Even if Weblog has reached 1.0, the development is not over. Version 1.1 will include: