Weblog 1.1

Weblog now supports Markdown's syntax and Atom feed generation. Many things had to be reworked internally in oder to support correctly Atom. This release is to be considered beta, some functionalities are not documented yet.

Jinja 1 is not supported anymore and I dropped RSS feed generation. Atom eats RSS for breakfast and maintaining 2 feed formats doesn't make sense, since both formats are widely supported.

The next release will focus on documentation and polishing. I want to make Weblog easy to use for newcomers, I will write a better tutorial and maybe add some more examples.

For now Weblog includes markdown2.py since markdown2 does not install correctly from pypi.python.org.

Download Weblog 1.1 or Weblog 1.1 + Jinja 2 (standalone version).

More informations and docs on Weblog's page. If you have any problems using it, don't hesitate to ask on weblog-users@googlegroups.com.