YouTube Favorites #1: Patrick Boyle On Finance

Introducing YouTube Favorites

YouTube is the one social media I indulge in, I watch hours of videos each week. Underneath the crust of mindless entertainment, there’s an educational layer deeper in YouTube.

In this series of posts I’ll cover the YouTube channels I follow, why I like them, and end it with links to my favorite videos. My interests are software, technology, arts, history, literature, and economics.

I do not commit to any cadence or number of posts. Let’s see what happens with the YouTube Favorites series.

Patrick Boyle On Finance

Patrick Boyle On Finance covers financial and economic events and their history. Patrick is a former edge fund manager that knows the financial world inside out, he worked in finance for decades and wrote serious books about his experience.

Patrick goes deeper than the most financial pundits. Because he covers current events in more details, I often hear bits of juicy information that conventional financial reporting routinely ignores.

Patrick is a financial and economic educator, he’s a good one. Yet I believe his real calling was to be an entertainer, a joker. He’s awkward on camera in a lovely way. He brightens his matter of fact delivery with dry humor, some of his jokes are arid and may take a few seconds to hit. I usually chuckle a few times watching. The humor’s quality varies a bit from video to video, but the quality of the financial information is consistently solid.

Patrick is fond of fine tailoring, he wears tasteful outfits in his videos, sharp suits are often on display. Unfortunately the video production quality is duller: the videos are occasionally out of focus or poorly exposed, and the sound quality is sometime mediocre. It’s not too detrimental, it adds a little bit of a ‘grandpa recording himself on basement’ vibe; it’s rather cute.

My top 3 videos for Patrick Boyle On Finance are:

  1. The Rise And Fall Of Blitzscaling!
  2. China's International Debt Crisis
  3. Charles Ponzi The Documentary