YouTube Favorites #2: Money & Macro

Money & Macro is an educational finance and economics channel hosted by Dr. Joeri Schasfoort, a distinguished scholar of economics from Belgium. The channel covers international economics with a focus on macro-economics.


Dr. Schasfoort covers calmly and extensively various economics environments and events, the reporting is neutral, he doesn’t jump to conclusions based on limited data like many pundits. He is a skeptic who takes bottom up approach to storytelling.

Joeri covers various economics theories, ideas and movement, and makes it clear most debates in economics are far from settled.


Joeri tells you what’s likely and what’s unlikely based on whatever facts and data he has. He walks the viewer though possible scenarios and the different paths fate may take.

This empirical approach is great way to think about the world. We can't predict the future, but we can foresee various futures; find commonality among the different scenarios; and identify the biggest risks. This yields better results than to rely on crisp models and neat answers that fail to capture the nuances of most situations.

Quality Production

Initially the production quality of the channel was a tad amateurish, now Money & Macro is one of the better produced educational channel that I know of. The production supports Joeri’s arguments superbly, with sleek looking graphs, diagrams, and maps.

Money & Macro is highly recommended!

My top 3 videos for Money and Macro are:

  1. The Economy of Japan: how a Superpower FELL from Grace in Four Decades
  2. How Russia's Economy Shields Itself From Western Sanctions
  3. China's Economy is 60% Smaller Than We Thought

Bonus: Nonsense! China's Economy Will NOT Collapse