I am Henry Prêcheur.
This is my personnal website.

I write about programming, books, art, and business.


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Lessons from the book Willpower
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C, old friend
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Reform 0.2
Reform 0.1
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sc2profile, a web scraper library for Battle.net
A stupid idea that worked
First version of clan.cx online
Top books 2010
Tag archeology
RFC 3339 Python module version 4
Quick and easy lexer
Laura Stamm's Power Skating - 4th Edition
Benchmarking Redis
Index fund
rfc3339 on PyPi and BitBucket
Everybody speaks, nobody listens
CTRL-^ in Vim
StarCraft 2 after a few days
Leaving Image-Engine
Fiction and reality
Sent from my
Fooled and aware of it
Text only web
Port of Python 3.1.2
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Health care cost
Will IPv6 ever be a reality?
Weblog 2.5
Weblog 2.4
The GConf plague
The fancy office of death
Increasing the signal/noise ratio in public discussions
The future crisis
Weblog 2.3
Great documentation, great software
License benchmark
Hackerspace in Vancouver
Double or single quotes?
Weblog 2.2
Dynamically create a type with Python
dwm, display date patch updated
Styling forms with CSS
GZIP encoding = happier users?
The Pragmatic Programmer: a bad classic
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How to serve a WSGI application via CGI
Hockey links
Python: copying a list the right way
VanPyZ talk about testing
Weblog 2
A gentle introduction to media encoding
Weblog 1.3
The minimal valid html page
Weblog 1.2
Einstein’s Intelligence Quiz: Bogus number and Phony statistic
The Trek 7.3FX is awesome
The Cannondale Quick 4 is crap
Unicycle, a Vim plugin for typography junkies
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Weblog 1.0 released
RFC 3339 formatting in Python
Switching to dwm
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A Debian terminal problem
OpenBSD and Inspiron 1501
Empty tag in Beautiful Soup
Gmail just became really good
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Simple time sheet
Indenting Python with VIM
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A simple Jinja filter: renderstring
Trick with the "for" statement in Python
Create a spell file for VIM
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Weblog 0.5
Weblog 0.4
Essential CVS review in french
Quick and simple AWStats setup
Project Euler, fun with math and code
Weblog 0.3
Little Cheetah tutorial online again
A tiny text viewer: view_text
Essential CVS review
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Weblog 0.2
Announcing Weblog
Essential CVS : l'essentiel et plus!
Essential CVS review
Templating avec Cheetah