Hi, I’m Henry Prêcheur, I live in Vancouver BC, Canada.


I am a software engineer and I specialize in backend and infrastructure, both development and operation.

I am currentely open to opportunities: if you are looking for an experienced software developer/engineer and/or DevOps in Vancouver BC, or remote: Feel free to get in touch.

Free software projects I have realized

a TCP demultiplexer for the KGP protocol in Go
A set of Python scripts to generate the HTML and the news feed for my diary
selenium-stresser and selenium-surfer
Selenium load-testing tools
Simple blog publisher. It reads structured text files and generates static HTML / RSS files. Weblog aims to be simple and robust.
RFC 3339
Generates RFC 3339 dates. In Python.
view text
A tiny text viewer written in GTK+ 2.
Library to convert an integer to base 32.

Free software projects I contributed to

An online poker room featuring a 3d environment
A ray-tracer featuring radiosity illumination.
A real-time Raytracer. Used for a 64k intro.
Social Coding