Optionally to use the Markdown syntax, install markdown2, or for reStructuredText, install docutils.


Download Weblog 2.5

A standalone version of Weblog which includes Jinja2 and markdown2 is also available:

Download Weblog 2.5 standalone version

You can also get it from Weblog’s page on the Python package Index.

You can get the development version of Weblog using the Mercurial repository

$ hg clone

How to install

Download Weblog’s tarball and extract it:

tar zxf weblog-<version>.tar.gz

It can be used right away using the helper script

Or install it using the supplied script. Run python --help to learn how to use it.

You can also use easy_install or pip, pip install weblog will install Weblog and all its dependencies.

Optionally you can install markdown2 and docutils to use the Markdown and reStructuredText syntaxes: pip install markdown2 docutils.

Hacking Weblog

Weblog comes with tests, you can run them from the root of the source directory:


If you plan to modify Weblog, I recommend to install nose a test runner and coverage a tool for measuring code coverage of Python programs. Like Weblog, you can install them with pip or easy_install:

pip install nose coverage

To run the tests:

nosetests --with-doctest --with-coverage --cover-package=weblog

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