RFC 3339 date formatting


rfc3339.py is a small Python library to format dates to rfc 3339 strings. Useful if you want to add an Atom feed to you site / project. Grab the file, drop it in your python source code, that's it! Licensed under the term of the ISC License a simple, permissive, BSD-like license.

Additionally, you can also install it from PyPi: pip install rfc3339 or easy_install rfc3339.

If you find any bugs or would like to see something added, feel free to open a ticket on BitBucket.

How to use it:

>>> import time
>>> timestamp = time.time()
>>> print timestamp
>>> import datetime
>>> d = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp)
>>> print d
2008-09-08 22:47:31.893205

>>> from rfc3339 import rfc3339

>>> rfc3339(timestamp) # Works with timestamps '2008-09-08T22:47:31-07:00'

>>> rfc3339(d) # And datetime & date objects '2008-09-08T22:47:31-07:00'

>>> rfc3339(d, utc=True) # Normalize time to UTC '2008-09-08T15:47:31Z' >>> rfc3339(d, utc=True, use_system_timezone=False) '2008-09-08T22:47:31Z'

2010-2-5: Handle system timezone correctly. Instead of using the current daylight saving, use the the daylight saving at the time of the datetime object.

2009-12-21: Fixed a bug with daylight savings. Reported by Gary Bishop.

2010-1-26: I've changed the license from “Public domain” to the ISC License.

2011-1-4: Fixed a bug with dates before 1970.


Wow! I also made some docs! Generated via pydoc rfc3339

Help on module rfc3339:

NAME rfc3339

DESCRIPTION The function rfc3339 formats dates according to the :RFC:3339. rfc3339 tries to have as much as possible sensible defaults.

FUNCTIONS rfc3339(date, utc=False, use_system_timezone=True) Return a string formatted according to the :RFC:3339. If called with utc=True, it normalizes date to the UTC date. If date does not have any timezone information, uses the local timezone::

        >>> date = datetime.datetime(2008, 4, 2, 20)
        >>> rfc3339(date, utc=True, use_system_timezone=False)
        >>> rfc3339(date) # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
    If called with `user_system_time=False` don't use the local timezone if
    `date` does not have timezone informations and consider the offset to UTC
    to be zero::
        >>> rfc3339(date, use_system_timezone=False)
    `date` must be a `datetime.datetime`, `datetime.date` or a timestamp as
    returned by `time.time()`::
        >>> rfc3339(0, utc=True, use_system_timezone=False)
        >>> rfc3339(datetime.date(2008, 9, 6), utc=True,
        ...         use_system_timezone=False)
        >>> rfc3339(datetime.date(2008, 9, 6),
        ...         use_system_timezone=False)
        >>> rfc3339('foo bar')
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        TypeError: excepted datetime, got str instead

DATA all = ('rfc3339',) author = 'Henry Precheur <henry@precheur.org>' license = 'ISCL' version = '3'


AUTHOR Henry Precheur <henry@precheur.org>